Audience Response System for Education / Classroom for Interactive Learning

Audience Response System (ARS) can transform a traditional classroom teaching to a highly-participated, interactive, fun learning class. Students will learn more and understand better. This allows it to be widely used and applied in Education, from K-To-12 to Higher Education. It achieve active communication and is a quick form of feedback between teachers and students.

Studies show that interactive learning not only increases comprehension but allows students to retain information much longer.

Key Benefits for Education / Classroom for Interactive Learning:

Create mock tests to help students study.

Introduce real world scenarios and ask for feedback.

Identify the areas that students are not fully comprehending.

Gauge the effectiveness of each training method.

Determine what topics need more teaching time.

Adjust training programs based on the group's knowledge level.

Reinforce key topics by posting questions following a lecture.

Test post lecture retention of knowledge.

When learning with ARS, the course content can be presented in a consistent format and the information taught may be reinforced with the instructor’s dialogue.

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