Audience Response System for Marketing Research

Audience Response System (ARS) is an effective tool in gathering and compiling valuable feedback from your audience and creates audience participation.

When doing market research, you’ll find ARS more cost-effective than pen and paper, or web surveys, as you have the ability to survey up to 15,500 people at a time increasing the audience participation, and see the electronic voting results within seconds.

ARS allows people to answer honestly without any group pressure or influence, it captures the demographic characteristics of your audience, and creates charts and reports that can be analyzed further at a later date. Not only provides the data that you need, but also ensures that the data is accurate and real.

Key Benefits for Marketing Research:

Gather accurate feedback without the influence of other people.

Identify how consumers use certain products.

Identify the buying consumer’s objectives.

Track the changing trends of demographic groups.

Know your consumers opinions about your customer service or sales department.

Pre-test the response of your marketing promotions before investing heavily into them.

Gather user feedback about newly developed products or services prior to launching.

With ARS it is now easy to compare data and quickly identify consumer trends. So compare data and quickly identify consumer trends. With ARS, you’re assured of the most effective market research tool today! You can easily create impressive business plans, product or service performance report and product forecasting using the survey results from the audience participation.

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