Audience Response System Rental Service

We provide a Full Service Program that features a complete Audience Response System Equipment and an onsite technician who will assist you every step of the way during your presentations in any event.

The Audience Response System Equipment includes:

Voting Keypads / Interactive Clickers

Base station to receive votes from the keypads.

Laptop installed with a full version of our Audience Response Software.

Before the event starts, our onsite technician will:

Review your presentation slide and provide assistance in creating the question slide design. This includes inserting the audience polling.

Make sure the PowerPoint Presentation is ready for demo.

Rehearse with the presenter to ensure a smooth presentation. This is scheduled a few hours before the event.

Examine the meeting room and coordinate with A/V personnel to setup the laptop, base station and keypads of each participant.

During the event when the PowerPoint slide show is being conducted, our onsite technician will:

Provide assistance to the Presenter when conducting the slide show presentation.

Operate the slide show based on the Presenter's lead.

Assist in showing the graphic result, and perform data analysis.

At the end of the event, our onsite technician will:

Generate data reports and submit them to you via email.

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