Audience Response System for Training / Workshop

Most training workshops aim to be a collaborative and interactive learning process and Audience Response System (ARS) can help workshop leaders achieve this goal. It is an outstanding classroom response system to assist lecturers to establish an effective and informative communication with the audience.

ARS allows presenters to add questions and compare results. This is a great way for the participants to share knowledge and give suggestions without taking too much of presenter’s time and pushing their opinions on others.

The presenters can easily monitor the audience and check if they have fully understood the presentation by capturing immediate feedback which makes any training an interactive learning process. This has the effect of gauging the effectiveness of the training and workshop program so that adjustments are conveniently made to better address the needs and interests of the participants.

Key Benefits for Training / Workshop:

Identify the challenging topics so the instructor can give more focus on them.

Pre-assess the group's knowledge level for a more customized workshop.

Gauge the effectiveness of the training program, benchmarking the knowledge before and after the training workshop.

Introduce real world scenarios into the format.

Instructors can quickly adjust training styles depending on the learning preference of the group.

Reinforce key topics repeatedly so they are fully understood.

When using ARS, trainers can test their students’ knowledge, solicit opinions on what students would like to learn, reinforce the material being covered, and even play trivia or knowledge games – making learning much more enjoyable and effective.

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